Dying to be thin

I stare at my naked reflection and I choke back a sob. Why am I still so fat? I pinch my skin as a tear slides down my cheek. My stomach is in so much pain that I can barely even stand. I'm craving food but I refuse to put a single calorie inside of... Continue Reading →

Alone in this world

I stand alone at the top of a hill and gaze down at the battlefield. The moonlight is the only source of light in this deadly silent forest and right not I wish it was pitch black. I don't want to see my friends lying dead on the ground with blood spilling out of their... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Movies & TV Shows

I honestly have so many movies which I love so here are just a few main ones (not in order) : Top Gun The Rock Crazy Stupid Love (Ryan Gosling omg) The Avengers Thor Neighbours (Zac Efron ahhh) The Hitmans Bodygaurd Mean Girls (so iconic) Divergent Nerve (Dave Franco!!) I haven't watched that many TV... Continue Reading →

Christmas is finally here!!

Yay!! Christmas has finally rolled around! I can now offically start listening to Christmas music without anyone judging. Soon I'm going to fly to Germany which I am looking forward to. Snow, Christmas markets, Advent calenders..... Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I love being able to listen to Christmas music,... Continue Reading →

Favourite Songs of November

I have a few songs which I have fallen in love with this November and I think it is unfair if I keep them from the world so here they are: Amsterdam- Nothing But Thieves (Strongly Recommended) Sorry- Nothing But Thieves Bedroom Floor- Liam Payne Dusk Till Dawn- Sia & Zayn Tell Me You Love... Continue Reading →

About Me

I am a simple 13 year old girl who has a passion for reading and writing. I am from two amazing countries: Germany and New Zealand, however I live in neither. Although most of the time I live in my own made up worlds where I can be whoever I want and do what I... Continue Reading →

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